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Who We Are

We're on a mission to connect legal enterprises with one million strong virtual assistive workforce , while raising them up as leaders in legal service delivery in their own communities.


What We Do

We are changing the legal sector, now every legal business can access a cloud-based, on-demand workforce and a delegation platform. No more overinvesting in hiring, training, managing - just high quality results in near real-time.


How We Do It

We believe that technology and well managed readily available talent. Every day we're creating new models and new processes of improving delivery by merging this two essential components.

Short Story About Our Company

On mark,
Improving How Law Works

The ideas come out of our years working with web applications, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, data entry & processing and outsourcing.

Get set,
Traditional Legal Line

Assemblies sometimes suffer inadequacies and improving the traditional legal sector means improving service delivery as a whole.

Virtual Legal Line

We are improving the traditional Legal line through automating some of the steps in the legal assembly line while maintaining the quality expected.

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